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The words "improvement" (not good for small)

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Every change in the theory of human evolution is subtle, whether it is the physical form, thought and wisdom of mankind itself, or the more intuitive tools of labor that accompany human evolution. From the beginning of stone-making to the modern intelligent processing and assembly, intelligent monitoring, intelligent detection of fully enclosed unmanned workshop, from the 1980s giant mobile smart phone to the current era of smart phones, such a leap is due to the deposition of small changes.
Lean management may not have changed much in terms of the layout of machines and equipment, fixtures and testing tools in the workshops around it. Some have undergone several changes, but no one can deny that every change is an improvement, a reduction in work intensity and an improvement in job safety for employees. High, so "do not do little good" to improve a lot of knowledge and attention, such as the purpose of improvement, improvement should start from where a series of improvement knowledge. When we talk about improvement, many people do not know how to start. Improvement can start from minor matters and start from the side.
As shown in the figure, the six workshop melting lesson electric car is driven by the motor, the previous state is: high temperature molten iron ladle directly on the iron plate of the electric car, high temperature through the iron plate to the motor, the motor can not withstand high temperature caused motor damage. In order to solve this problem, several leaders of the workshop equipment Department discussed a plan, which was implemented on November 20, 2017. The plan is to add a heat insulation plate between the hot metal ladle and the electric car. The problem of motor heating is effectively solved.
Improvement often comes from a small idea, but also from the concern for daily work, "attention everywhere is learning," but also from the status of the work is not satisfied. Of course, we have limited space to work, but our thinking and wisdom are infinite, and we are not the only perspective to observe and evaluate the reasonableness of a thing. And the improvement of the content, process and method of our work is the next "gold mine" of our lean improvement, and the place where all of us need to pay more attention and develop our talents.

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