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Looking at our daily management from a trivial matter

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On the afternoon of February 3, 2018, the general manager asked me to accompany me to the second, fifth and sixth workshop of the company and the post-processing site of the production department. Some phenomena were found in the process of on-site inspection. Here we can learn from them and hope to arouse everyone's thinking and attention.
1. There is a phenomenon that people play with their mobile phones near the shot blasting machine in workshop 6. Asking the manager of the workshop leader, the manager of the workshop leader's reply is: "This person is not the workshop staff, is the forklift driver of the production department".
2. In the post-processing grinding area and finished product depot area of the Ministry of Production, dirty and bad ground, confused and unmarked tooling and tools, and damaged worktable not repaired in time were found.
On the spot of brick-concrete structure workshop of production department, there are some objective reasons, such as installing and debugging equipment, which have some influence on the site environment. However, in the adjacent quality department appearance inspection area, the situation is very different, the ground is tidy, no dead corners found in sanitation, neat tooling, on-site staff are working in an orderly manner.
In this contrast, the general manager on the quality department manager Wang Yanhui, Zhang Kunwei, Mr. Sun Hongrui site management points praise.
The company has emphasized the management principle of personal territorial management in many meetings. Everyone should be responsible for the environment and discipline of his own work site. He should be responsible to people, fully mobilize the initiative of managerial cadres at all levels, form a good atmosphere of joint management, let those who violate the company's management regulations and personnel become. For all the mice in the street, everyone shouted.
This will put an end to those violations of the company's management regulations, our company's management on a new level, will certainly be able to achieve better economic benefits, colleagues'salaries will also be increased. Let's work together for a better future and create a better "4S" scene. It really provides a good working environment for front-line employees! Make our company get more virtuous circle in all aspects.

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